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About Us

At MIRA Developments, we care for and rent out high-end apartments throughout Philadelphia’s Center City area. These are distinct spaces of the utmost elegance and craft, situated in incredible historic buildings we’ve meticulously revitalized.

iStock_000015231655Small copyIn our work, we faithfully serve both tenants looking for awesome high-end living in Philly as well as property owners seeking assistance in the oversight of their investments.

Through these dual commitments, though, we’re also honoring the heritage of the venerable buildings we restore as well as of the wonderful neighborhoods they anchor. We’re passionate about rehabbing these time-honored landmarks and designing high-quality apartments that are chic and cosmopolitan in feel but also grounded in old-school Philly glamor.

We hope you’ll seek us out if you need a great place to live in Philadelphia, or you want to enhance your investment property in the city. At MIRA Developments, we’re happy to serve our clients, our properties, and our neighborhoods—all with the same dedication!